Art Classes Spring Term 2017 at My Kid Atelier

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a creative and wonderful holiday season. We are back creating art at the studio, our Spring term starts on Thursday, January 12 and we cannot wait!

Spring Term Dates:

January 12, 2017 – March 23, 2017 (9 weeks, excluding February 16th and February 23rd)

Mummy & Me Art Class (2yr to 4 yr) – Thursdays 3pm to 3.45 pm

This class is all about focusing on the sensory process and not just about artwork. We have developed plenty of age appropriate activities such as finger painting, clay manipulation, water, ice and sand exploration. We use sensory play activities for example: playing in a box filled with colored rice or shredded paper. We also involve edible art (noodles/ pasta play, fruit pop painting etc) we use methods to manipulate salt and flour clay, texture collages and more. The classes are themed and include exciting variety of sensory experiences. Through this class your children will enhance fine motor skills, they will develop social and cognitive skills, learning to express their curiosity and of course, the most important thing is that they will have lots of fun! During the second part of the term we incorporate more varied materials into our curriculum accompanied by our qualified teacher, implementing focused projects, including group art projects developing communication and social skills. We will explore lines, colors, textures, shapes and patterns through creating masterpieces with a wide variety of techniques and materials. In each class, children explore themes such as colors, shapes, nature, seasons and animals etc. Our young artists are exposed to unique and fun art mediums such as foam and finger paints, watercolors, clay, recycled materials and more. Each week we are creating one craft or collage project and one painting or drawing project. We also often work with clay and sculpture making.

** Adults must be present for this Art and Play Class to interact with their child. 30 minutes stay & play is included before the class.


Big Kids Art Class (5yr to 8yr) – Thursday 4pm to 5pm

Theme of this Term is “The Masters”. Along with teacher Barbara all kids will learn about NINE Masters. Every Thursday we will have the same class structure when we start with watching 5min video or reading a short book about life and legacy of one of the Artists, teacher will point to the most important masterpieces and afterwards kids will study art techniques and styles by making their own artworks inspired by Master of the day.

This 60 minute art class is not only designed to inspire and nurture your child’s creativity but also introduces artwork from different famous artist from all over the world.

Big Kids Art Class in an excellent after school activity for creative kids.

**This is an independent participation class.

Price (9 classes): £145.00 per child/£90.00 per sibling

*Drop-in classes are available for £20.00 per class, please call ahead for availability

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