Summer Art Camp

With the Easter holiday’s fast approaching, My Kid Atelier is pleased to announce we will be running another creative Art Camp for 4 to 7 year olds. Beginning from Monday April 4th, we will have 5 full days of games, fun and art!

Our Summer Art camp is for ages 4-7 and every day we will explore new and very exciting themes while working with different art materials. It is an amazing choice for creative kids to stay busy, learn something new and make lots of new friends!

Week One
Day 1.
An artful party. The first Art Camp day we will celebrate with an Artful Party! All the children will be invited to a pretend party and along with the teacher, will make everything they need to make this party a beautiful and successful extravaganza! First they will make a list everything a successful party needs: decorations, food, music, party bags and so on… Second, the children will do all of the artistic preparations, using different art materials and mediums: they will make colorful decorations, they will choose music for their very own playlist, they will cook pretend pizza and bake pretend cupcakes while learning about collage techniques and working with clay. They will even prepare little gifts for all their friends! When everything is ready – the party is on and it’s time to have lots of fun with new friends!

Day 2. Street art and Graffiti. On this day in our class room we will virtually explore the streets of New York, Chicago and London and learn about elements of street art. We will work with the most commonly used graffiti materials such as spray paint, marker pens and stencils to make our own and unique street art.

Day 3. Buildings and Architecture. On this day we will learn about different kinds of architecture. Together we will start by analyzing buildings and houses and we will look for all kinds of different architectural Details: types of roof, foundations and chimneys, windows and doors, building materials and more. After discussions and a book about Architect, the children will create blueprints and design a house, or building, or maybe even a whole street or city!

Day 4. Rock-n-Roll. Pretend you are a Super Star in a very famous Rock band. The only things that is missing it’s an instrument! Children will make a life size guitar by painting, cutting and collaging. When the guitar is ready, disco lights are on, stage is ready and the show is starting! Be ready to have some serious fun with dress up, face painting and lots of rock-n-roll music!

Day 5. Marionettes, puppets and dolls. On Friday we will pretend to be marionette, puppet and doll makers. First we will divide children into groups and then each group will choose their station to work at and a toy to create. When everything is ready, along with their teacher, they will write a little play to perform to their friend using the puppets they have made.

Dates: July 18, Monday – July 22, Friday
Time: 10am – 1pm
Snack: Fresh fruits, organic crackers and raisins, apple juice and water
Price: £ 35.00 per child (20% discount for siblings)

Week Two.
At the beginning of each day the children will play fun drama and dance games that will help them to get to know each other and make new friends. We will then lead them through their first art project inspired by the theme of the day.
Half way through the session the children will have a healthy snack, including fruits, crackers, raisins and juice and water. Also we will read and discuss an interesting themed book.
The second half of the day, the children will be lead through their second art project, using a new technique and art medium.

Day 1. Studying the Masters. Gustav Klimt.
The children will create a beautiful 3D sculpture, inspired by the famous artist Gustav Klimt’s The Tree of Life painting, after learning about the painter and his unique style.

Day 2. Watercolors and line art.
Lines are one of the fundamental art elements used by many artists in their work. On Tuesday, children will examine straight, curvy, wavy, dotted and zig zag lines while working with watercolors and sharpies. They can be as creative as they want learning about shapes, lines, patterns and more…

Day 3. Studying the Masters. James Rizzi.

James Rizzi is an American pop artist and children always love doing cityscapes project inspired by his work. We will work with oil pastel and paint on a real canvas to creat our own inspired works.

Day 4. Body, motions and emotions.
After reading a themed book and discussing how different we all are, the children will create a life sized abstract self portrait. Brightly colored tempera paint will be added to the projects in order to express emotion.

Day 5. Studying the Masters. Jackson Pollock
On Friday we will learn about the unique, abstract “drip” painting process of Jackson Pollock. This class will be very messy, but also a lot of fun!

Dates: July 25, Monday – July 29, Friday
Time: 10am – 1pm
Snack: Fresh fruits, organic crackers and raisins, apple juice and water
Price: £ 35.00 per child (20% discount for siblings)

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