Three weeks of Summer fun

ART Camp at My Kid Atelier (ages 4-7, 10am-1pm)

July 20th, 2015 – August 7th, 2015

Mondays. Art and Literature Day – Every Monday we will lose ourselves in the exiting world of story. We will use ideas from the books we read to imagine and create our own piece of fantastic Artwork. The artwork will be based around the story we have read.

Tuesdays. Famous Artists Day – Tuesday we will explore and discover the works of a famous artist. We will learn about their style, techniques and learn a few things about the Artist themselves! Some of the artists we will be discovering are: Pablo Picasso, George Rodrigue, Henri Matisse, Romero Britto, Paul Cézanne and more.

Wednesdays. Geography Day – Watch out for Wednesday when we will travel the world exploring Culture Based Art Projects. Learning and creating anything from Venetian Masking to Ancient Greece Ceramic to making beautiful collages of Patterned Russian Matryoshka Dolls.

Thursdays. Printmaking & Collage Art- Printmaking and Collage Art is a popular choice by many artists. Every Thursday these artists, such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg, Hannah Höch and Man Ray will inspire us. Some of the activities we will be doing include: printing on fabrics to make flags and bags, mono-printing, foam printing and last but not least, making our own stamps and our own paper. We will also make our very own collages using plenty of different materials, photographs, magazine cutouts and more.

Fridays. Making toys and puppets Day- Every Friday we will become a mini toy shop creating puppets of various sizes from various materials. Some of the toys we will be making include: marionettes, wooden and soft toys and more. The children will work hands on creating their own toys and puppets. Hopefully having enough time to play with the toys at the end of camp!

£18 – One Day (3 hours)
£80 – One Week (5 days)

Please Add special instructions During payment process on which date you would like to sign-up.
Monday 20/07 – Fully Booked
Thursday 23/07 – Fully Booked